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iDalko professionals are certified Atlassian Platinum experts, specializing in the full Atlassian portfolio. We’ve been doing it for many years!

We are a real team, cooperating closely at every stage of the project. Being a part of the iDalko you can always count on your teammates. Combining the friendly atmosphere, along with our huge knowledge and experience developing innovative solutions makes working at iDalko a great adventure!



Back in 2011, we started out as a company providing support to users of various Atlassian tools. It was a great decision, as Atlassian software was becoming increasingly popular. Since that day, we've been in close cooperation with people working with Atlassian tools, providing solutions for the most diverse usage scenarios.

As great as Atlassian products are, there are always opportunities for improvements. This is why we decided to introduce new software add-on to help companies get the most out of their Atlassian investments. 

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